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Izmir City Tour Full Day Ephesus & St. Mary’s HouseGEO IZM01
Full Day Ephesus & St. Mary’s House
April – November, 9am / 5pm

Ephesus with its fountains, temples, brothel, library, market, and spectacular theatreSt. John’s Basilica, the Virgin Mary’s cottage .

pamukkale daily tourGEO IZM02
Full Day Pamukkale Tour
April – November, 9am /
Pamukkale and Hierapolis: thermal baths, lime cascades, theater, and necropolis. Opportunity to swim in the natural hot spring therapeutic pools.

daily tour pergamumGEO IZM03
Full Day Pergamum and Asklepion
April – November, 9am / 5pm

Pergamum Acropolis: Temple of Athena, Library, Royal Palace, Altar of Zeus Temple of Dionysos. Archaeological Museums and ruins of the medical center, Asklepion.

Miletus Bay of the Lions monument closeupGEO IZM04
Didyma – Piriene – Miletus
9am / 6pm

Begin the day among the Hellenic art and architecture of the ruins in Priene, an ancient Ionian city dramatically overlooking the fertile plains of the Meandre Valley. Afterwards, continue to the second archaeological site of the day; the ancient city of Miletus, formerly a prosperous commercial harbor city and the most prominent in Anatolia in its heyday. Most noteworthy among the scattered ruins are the Great Theater and Roman Baths. Following that, the tour proceeds to the ancient city of Didyma, the setting for one of the most colossal temples in the Hellenic World, venerating the God Apollo.

izmir daily tourGEO IZM05
Half Day Izmir Tour

10am / 1pm
The ancient market, Alexander the Great’s castle and the Archaeological and the ancient Agora.

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