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Exclusive resorts, deluxe city hotels, yacht charters, private jet and helicopter charters, luxury land transportation, and concierge services.

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Geo Deluxe is a hand picked collection of unique hotels, resorts, and out of the ordinary experiences that Turkey has to offer. All the properties in the collection have been personally visited and reviewed by our travel designers in order to provide an out of the ordinary experience for the discerning traveler. Each client is assigned a personal travel concierge who will advise in picking the right destination, the exclusive property, and will design a tailor made program that perfectly suits the needs of the individual. Any request from exclusive restaurant and night-life bookings to shopping, from health and beauty treatments to luxury transport is accomodated with expert guidance.

* Upscale and unique tailor-made itineraries customised for the high – end individual clientele.
* Exclusive hotel accomodation in Turkey ranging from deluxe cave hotels in Cappadocia to serviced villas in the Med coast.
* Wide range of luxury transport including private jet charters.
* Concierge services including personal shopping assistance, restaurant bookings, beauty and wellness assistance, and night life guidance.

Turkish Style
Turkey today is one of the world’s premiere destinations for luxury travel, and that should surprise no one – it has been this way for more than two millennia. Whether it’s the Spartans attacking at Troy, Byzantines sailing for the first time down the Bosphorus Strait, or the discerning guests of modern times packing the seaside resorts and fine restaurants, Anatolia, Thrace and  Istanbul. Istanbul have always been central and favoured in the minds of global travelers. They savour its historic treasures, enjoy the wide range of climates, cultures and lifestyles, and leave with lifelong memories.

Turkey’s thousands of kilometers of rugged and spectacular coastline offer all the best resort options – secluded boutique hotels overlooking sheltered coves, all-encompassing resorts catering to families, couples or singles, or picturesque towns like Antalya or Bodrum, where the relaxed Mediterranean ethic, historic archaeology and modern accoutrements combine to offer a compelling package that has come to be known worldwide as the “Turkish Riviera”. Inland, a rich cultural heritage amid a unique and startling landscape awaits in Cappadocia, where early Christians built rock-cut churches and cave homes amid tear-drop spires and wind-swept vista. And, of course, there’s Istanbul, Turkey’s crown jewel. Imperial and elegant; timeless yet modern, this stunning city continues to leave guests coming back for more.

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